Size is not a limitation for us.

Van Mourik Bouw

More than 40 years of experience

We are your partner in business construction. From the acquisition of the land, to the design phase, to the delivery of the keys and everything in between. With our project management we unburden you as a client and we take you along in every step of the process.

Our values



Short construction time, high quality

Our construction process is a well-oiled machine. Due to a tight schedule, we build in a short time. In addition, thanks to the interim quality checks, we ensure that we always deliver the highest quality. We guarantee quality by means of ISO9001, ISO 14001 and Bouwgarant (a Dutch quality mark in construction).


Building with teams

Van Mourik Bouw works with construction teams on a regular basis. The construction team is put together jointly with the client and often consists of; the client, the contractor, the consultant, the architect and the interior designer. These construction team members can be nominated from both the client and from us. This way we can serve you better as a client. With the advantage that we, as a contractor, are not only more involved in the project and therefore provide input on how the project can best proceed, but also because the lines of communication are shorter. In addition, the teams have a reinforcing effect in making the right choices.


From land acquisition to turnkey

We unburden you from start to finish. The size of a project is not a problem for us. Because we work from acquiring the land to the turnover of the keys at completion and everything in between, you can join us at every step in the process.

Featured projects

Below you will find a selection of our utility projects.