From complex renovations and restorations to timeless high-end construction

Van Mourik Bouw

Building is teamwork

We love a challenge. Our team likes to think and work on innovative solutions together with both you the client and (interior) architects. This is how we translate design into a timeless aesthetic.

From complex renovations and restorations to timeless high-end construction. That is what we do as Van Mourik Bouw. Van Mourik Bouw has proven itself many times when it comes to the realization of special projects in the high-end segment.


Given the complexity of these projects, it is always our preference to be involved in the planning from the start, through the formation of a construction team. In this way we can contribute our experience and share it with the designing parties, so that architectural solutions can be incorporated directly into the design.


As your contractor, we can also make construction cost indications throughout the design period, so that you as a client can adjust your choices accordingly if desired. This saves duplication of work, costs and construction speed during implementation.

Our values

High end construction.
Innovative and sustainable solutions


High end construction

Together with the (interior) architects, we translate designs into high-end constructions. More luxurious than luxury is our starting point. This means that we only aim for the highest quality and the latest developments in, for example, the field of installations.


Innovative and sustainable solutions

We look for sustainable solutions and systems in every project. We monitor these systems through various certifications such as ISO9001, ISO 14001 and Bouwgarant (a Dutch quality mark in construction). In addition, safety is our priority, which is why both our own people as well as the subcontractors are VCA certified.


Specialty: Monumental restoration and renovations

One of our specialties for residence projects is the restoration and renovation of monumental buildings. This type of construction requires extra attention and must meet all kinds of requirements, including those of the municipality or the government.

Featured projects

Below you will find a selection of our residency projects.